Maximising Natural Light: The Benefits of Glass Garden Rooms


There’s nothing quite like having a room filled with natural light – it just makes you feel good. If you’re thinking of adding glass garden rooms, then understanding the benefits of maximising natural sunlight can help you decide if it’s the right move. For starters, sunshine gives our bodies vitamin D, which is so important …

Polycarbonate Domes to enhance any property


Selecting a polycarbonate dome will help enhance any property, be it a home or business. This is a truly versatile product type, making natural light solutions more affordable for the majority of people, who don’t want to, or can’t, spend lots of money on a premium flat glass rooflight or a large roof lantern. If …

Cosy up this Christmas


Now that winter is well and truly upon us and the nights continue to draw in most people want to close the door, draw the curtains and keep warm, but many of us are trying to save on household energy use and so are using the heating infrequently or not at all so how can …

Should I have a patio awning installed during winter?


If you are considering having an awning installed on your patio, then you may think that you should now wait until spring or summer next year to get it done. It is often a good idea to have the awning installed around this time of year for a number of reasons. During the colder months, …

Tips for wallpapering like a professional


Wallpapering has come back into fashion recently after being shunned for a number of years in favour of painted walls. The beauty of wallpaper is that it can cover uneven walls and even ceilings which if you live in an older property and cannot afford to have a room replastered is a bonus. Wall papering …

  • The Advantages of Burning Hardwood Logs

    Hardwood logs have a number of advantages over their softwood counterparts, but perhaps the most important is the far greater density of the wood. This means that any hardwood you use in a fireplace will burn for a longer stretch of time.

  • Using Glass for Garden Extensions

    Glass extensions are one of the most popular forms of garden extensions, as they can be assembled relatively quickly, and are a great place to grow plants, enjoy a nice day, and entertain guests.

  • Easy fit lights

    Spotlight plates, bars, downlights and ground lights that are straight forward to fit and install, are now available at brilliant prices. What’s more, this full range of discounted Saxby lights includes LED recessed spotlights and wall lights too. Saxby lights are designed specifically to fit ad install easily

  • The Key Benefits of Solid Hardwood Flooring

    Solid hardwood floors can be a great option for many homes. Made from planks of solid wood, it provides a natural, timeless look that suits both contemporary and traditional decor styles. When cared for properly, solid hardwood flooring can also last for decades. There are a few key things to consider when choosing solid hardwood flooring. Firstly, consider the type of wood. Oak, maple, ash and walnut are commonly used. Each has slightly different properties. For example, oak is very durable while maple may dent more easily. Think about colour too. Many woods can be stained to achieve different shades. Installation is another big factor. Solid hardwood can be nailed or glued down over a wooden subfloor. With concrete subfloors, a floating installation is often used. An experienced flooring fitter is advisable for the best results. Maintenance involves regular sweeping and vacuuming to remove grit which can damage the floor. Use damp mopping rather than wet mopping. Place doormats at entrances to capture dirt. Follow the manufacturer's advice for cleaning products. With care, solid hardwood flooring can stay looking pristine for many years.